Monday, February 20, 2012

Doused flame..

     It danced and flared glowing away in the dark.
     It exhaled warmth and made the cold corners light up

     It promised to shine for a limitless while
     The tinge of gold hemming the heart of blue

     With radiance and gleam, it rose.
     With gentle wind and drizzle, it fluttered.
     It played along ..with the dark, radiance and the cold
    A glow before the cease.
    The light coaxes to leave the dark.. black.
    Fluttered before the end.
    Smoke before the douse,
    Scent left the air scarred.






everachika said...

Beautiful ^_^
Very beautiful 'Scent left the air scarred" Extremely beautiful :)

Demure_me said...

:) am glad you liked it.. thanx

♥ Golden Pink ♥ said...

short and very sweet

Red Handed said...

Beautifully crafted lines!

Demure_me said...

@ golden pink : yes.. I guess I have no narration ability :) thanx

@red handed : beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder :) thanx

Swarnali said...

Those were some lovely lines.s..the emotions are beautiful captured in so little...Love love love the last couplet :)
P.S.- Hello from your newest follower :D

Prashant said...


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